1) When and where it happens to Christian Expo?

The 15th edition will be the days in the days 17, 18, 19 e 20 October 2019 at the Anhembi exhibition center in Sao Paulo.

2) What is the operating hours?
  • 17/10 (Thursday) – Coffee Pastores (opening event) from 8:30 am to 12 am
  • 17/10 (Thursday) - from 12h to 22h
  • 18/10 (Friday) e 19/10 (Saturday) – 10am to 22h
  • 20/10 (Sunday) – 10from the 18h
3) Admission is free even?

Sim, the entrance to the Expo is free Christian by the accreditation on the site. The visitor will have access to shows, pavilion and Experience. Access to side events demand a new accreditation for specific workshops or talk of interest. They will also be free and have the need for prior registration by the availability of vacancies.

Admission is free for all-day event (17,18, 19 e 20/10)

4) Side events such as workshops and lectures are free?

Sim, but will the need for prior registration by the availability of vacancies.

5) Accreditation is valid for all days in the Christian Expo?

Sim, accreditation voucher is valid for all-day event, however, You must present it at the entrance each day of visitation, to confirm their presence.

6) I can only go with accreditation?

Sim, we will ask the presentation of proof for better organization of the event and control visitors.

Go and make your accreditation

7) From what age the accreditation is required?

From 7 years, but we advise to use at all ages to better lower security. The action helps to locate the child in case of loss, like this, You can find the responsible with ease since, the accreditation of the information is correct.

The accreditation of the child or minor is held at the Visitor accreditation link option "accreditation - Underage".


8) You will be charged a value to see the shows?

Not, You should only carry out the online registration, available on the Expo site Christian, and have access to shows (Bem Festival), pavilion and Experience. No case two parallel events, as workshops and lectures, a new specific accreditation is required. They will also be free and have the need for prior registration by the availability of vacancies.

The smallest of accreditation is carried out at the Visitor accreditation link option "accreditation - Underage".


9) How do the accreditation for the Coffee Pastors?

Just perform registration available at the link



10) Can I take my (my) spouse at the Café de Pastores?

Sim, the event is directed to the Apostles, bishops, pastors, other church leaders and their spouses. Absent the participation of friends, church members, children and other family members.

11) Shopkeeper am, I have specific accreditation?

Sim, accreditation for retailers is available on link

12) How do I take my caravan?

The official must register your caravan on the site and guide members to conduct the visitor accreditation on the link

*we consider caravans, groups with at least 15 people.

13) Which address the Expo Christian?

Anhembi Event Center

Of. Olavo Fontoura, 1209 – Santana – Sao Paulo – SP - Brazil

Access by expressways Sao Paulo: marginal Tiete (access to Marginal Pinheiros, highways and east / west areas) e Off. Santos Dumont (access to the central and southern zone).

It also has easy access to airports, hotels, Portuguesa Tiete subway and bus station Tiete. More information on the link:

14) What are the benchmarks?

Near the Champ de Mars and the Portuguese-Tietê subway station (Line 1 - Blue)

1,5 km around.

15) What are the values ​​and access to the parking lot?

Parking Cars: GATE 38

Olavo Fontoura Avenue - Santana
Price: R$ 40,00 by 12 hours

Motorcycle parking: GATE 38

Olavo Fontoura Avenue - Santana
Price: R$ 30,00 by 12 hours

Parking for Vans: GATE 38

Olavo Fontoura Avenue - Santana
Price: R$ 70,00 by 12 hours

Parking for Buses: UNION PARK

Rua Professor Milton Rodrigues 102 – Santana
Price: R$ 80,00 by 12 hours

Values ​​subject to change.

OBS.: The landing of the caravan must be done within the parking lots, for security reasons and not to hinder traffic.

The parking lots have 6,5 thousand jobs and the ability to 13 rotary thousand vehicles per day. More on the link:

16) Free shuttles to the Metro Expo Christian?

Sim, there will be free transportation of the Portuguese subway station - Tiete (blue line) the West Pavilion (Ida and once).

17) How do I become an exhibitor?

Just fill in the form on our website or contact one of our representatives by phone: (11) 4191-1309 or e-mail

18) There is accessibility for people with little or no mobility?

Anhembi is suitable for receiving disabled and handicapped. The environment is structured with access ramps, visual and tactile signaling, guide beacon, clearance of doors and corridors etc.. The Conventions Palace received the Accessibility seal, granted by the Standing Committee on Accessibility (CPA), the City of São Paulo.