2,000m² structure with immersive and multisensory experiences happen 17 a 20 October 2019 in Sao Paulo
By: Essay / Christian Expo.

The project of creation and development was designed and coordinated by the Network of Good Group and aims to provide the public the opportunity of leisure and entertainment, scenographic through a sample of high-tech structure, in an interactive process of knowledge to the themes: The Coliseum; Noah's Ark; The Ten Plagues of Egypt and crossing the Red Sea, through a sensory experience that combines historical and cultural knowledge 17 a 20 October 2019 in the West Pavilion Anhembi, in the capital of São Paulo.
With the use of technological high-performance equipment and assembled spaces second deep iconographic research, the public can experience sensations, deepen the sensory memory and broaden the understanding of biblical passages, with special effects that will far beyond imagination.
The development of virtual reality infrastructure deployment with respect to the hardware equipment, software and assembly of virtual environments to provide an interactive exhibition complex around the Experience Project, experienced research scenography, expography, iconography, visual communication and multimedia, as described by the producers;

The Ten Plagues of Egypt:



Model mapped with 3D printing depicting the Ten Plagues of Egypt.



Audiovisual content depicting the historic passage of the passage of the Hebrews through the Red Sea, led by Moises, where by means of three-dimensional computer graphics is re-created the experience of being crossing the Red Sea at that time.




video 360 the virtual reality goggles which will show the time where Christians were thrown into the arena and dueled with lions for not bowing to the leader of the time, participants will feel like they are on the skin and their view on the fateful moment.




A cabinet scenographic, in size and scale similar to those described in the Bible, where participants will come across stories and content on video mapping of the time, and demonstration

This opportunity to experiences the technological wonders of the latest generation, on biblical passages arouse unique emotions, where the public will interact and experience, through images and realistic sensations, stories, until now, They were addressed only by reading or movies. "Christian Expo will be a modern media with the pop culture of international fair standards, to expand the knowledge of all visitors on the Christian culture ", explains Adriana Barros - Founder and CEO of Well Group Network.