EXPOCRISTÃ – has established itself as the official platform for launching products and services for Christian audiences in both Brazil and Latin America. The Expo attracts thousands of visitors annually from Brazil and abroad. During the four days of the Fair, major releases transfor the event into a great business environment for industry, commerce and services.

EXPOCRISTÃ – stands out as the great annual meeting that brings together sectoral entities, industry leaders, retailers, importers, class representatives, ecclesiastical and governmental authorities and other public figures all of which are fundamental to the demands, achievements and a benefit to all in the Christian consumer market.

Recognized for its lead generation and the quality of the products showcased, EXPOCRISTÃ places Brazil as an influential trading partner among the big players in the global market, generating direct and indirect jobs.

Through multisectoral networking EXPOCRISTÃ offers visitors unique experiences of interaction with leading industry brands, leaders, and technological innovations & updates . The Expo also filled with a superb variety of content for adults, youth and children. Including: congresses, lectures, workshops, shows and entertainment.

tel.: 11 4191-1309